Raspberry-Noaa-v2 1.0.0 (Initial Release!)



Note: This initial release removes the ISS capture functionality and Twitter post capability. This was a purposeful effort to reduce scope and help enhance focus on the core functionality of the V2 release, and it is anticipated these functionalities may be re-added in the future.

Notable changes in this initial release (since the fork from the original version to this V2 version):
  • Webpanel refactor (MVC) for enhancements and mobile-friendly views #2
  • Major scripts refactor for better code re-use (keeping functionality DRY) and organization #4
  • Major installation updates and enhancements (single-click installer with single config file) #6
  • Base station enable/disable and color in images #9
  • Lat/lon lines enable/disable and color in images #10
  • Documentation overhaul for easier navigation/content #11
  • Simplification of scheduling scripts #14
  • Simplification/consolidation of settings #16
  • Satvis visualization added to webpanel «Passes» page #19
  • Ability to delete captures (database record and respective images) from webpanel #24
  • Major receive script refactor for pluggable audio and image processing #25
  • Option to produce frequency spectrogram image #26
  • Fix NTP installation #37


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