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DMR2M17 Release BY AD8DP:

Podras Hablar desde dmr a m17 con este software.. se puede instalar en pi-star asi como otras imagenes…



This is the source code of DMR2M17, a software for digital voice conversion from DMR to M17 digital mode, based on Jonathan G4KLX’s MMDVM software. Unlike the other cross mode utilities upon which this is based, this utility performs software transcoding between Codec2(M17) and AMBE+2 2450×1150(DMR).

You can use this software with MMDVMHost with the default UDP ports:

MMDVMHost(DMR Mode):62032 <-> 62037:DMR2M17:32010 <-> 17000:M17Reflector (mrefd)

This software is licenced under the GPL v2 and is intended for amateur and educational use only. Use of this software for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

PiStar specific notes

An entry needs to be added to /root/DMR_Hosts.txt:

DMR2M17 0000 none 62037

And a custom firewall rule needs to be added by creating a file called /root/ipv4.fw and adding the line:

iptables -A OUTPUT -p udp --dport 17000 -j ACCEPT #M17 Outgoing

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