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Model nameIC-705
VersionVersion 1.31
Major changesChanges from Version 1.30 – Improved that the RX popup in the DV mode does not automatically disappear when you open or close the Multi-function menu.
NoteYou cannot revert to firmware version 1.24 or earlier on the serial numbers listed below, which have firmware version 1.26 or later installed. IC-705    #32: Serial number 32001001 or later
IC-705    #33: Serial number 33001001 or later
IC-705-T  #36: Serial number 36001001 or later
IC-705    #37: Serial number 37001001 or later Please note on the models listed above, if you revert to firmware version 1.24 or earlier, the audio will not be correctly output. The CS-705 programming software used with this firmware can be downloaded here. To update the firmware 1. Download and unzip the firmware data (for example, 705E131.dat) and copy it into the “IC-705” folder that is on your microSD card. 2. Insert the microSD card with the firmware data into the transceiver.  3. Update the firmware. 3-1. Display the SD CARD screen in the Menu.  3-2. Touch “Firmware Update” on the SD CARD screen to open the FIRMWARE UPDATE screen. 3-3. Touch [▼] to scroll to the end of the screen to read all the precautions, after you read and agree with all the precautions, touch [YES].  3-4. The confirmation dialog recommends making a backup of the settings and memories, touch [YES].  We recommend that you make a backup of them in this step, because all the settings and memories may be reset after updating the firmware. 3-5. After the backup file is made, and the firmware selection screen is displayed, touch the firmware update data (for example, 705E131).  3-6. Please carefully read all the precautions, and when you want to execute it, touch [Yes] for 1 second to start the firmware update. 3-7. When the update is completed, “Firmware updating has completed.” is displayed, and the transceiver will automatically restart. If the setting data needs to be converted, it may take some time to restart.  4. If the settings and memories have been reset, load the settings and memories that have been backed up onto the microSD card. 4-1. Display the SD CARD screen in the Menu. 4-2. Touch “Load Setting” on the SD CARD screen to open the LOAD SETTING screen.  4-3. Touch the file name of the saved file.  4-4. Touch “ALL,” and then the dialog “Keep ‘SKIP’ settings in the Repeater List?” is displayed, touch [YES]. 4-5. The dialog “Load file? The new “REF Adjust” setting will be saved.” is displayed, touch [Yes]. 4-6. After the loading ends, “COMPLETED! Restart the IC-705.” is displayed, restart the transceiver.  After updating the firmware, the Version Information in the OTHERS Set will be as follows. Main CPU: 1.31 Sub CPU: 1.01 DSP Program: 1.12 DSP Data: 1.00 FPGA: 1.01 DV DSP: 1.10 GPS: 13196 Bluetooth: 1.12 WLAN:
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