Outstanding features include:

  • DR-MD500 features DMR Tier 1 and Tier II operation
  • 55W RF output on 2m band (144~148MHz)
  • 40W RF output on 70cm band (430~450MHz)
  • 4,000 channels, 250 zones, 250 scan lists
  • 10,000 talk groups, 250 Radio ID & 300,000 Digital contacts list
  • Large 1.77″/45mm full-colour LCD displays DMR ID, callsign, name
    and geographical information
  • Preset digital encryption codes
  • Automatic repeater roaming feature
  • Automatic Analogue and Digital mode switching
  • Easy import of DMR contact database (world-wide)
  • Commercial radio cross-modulation, intermodulation and strong
    signal handling receive performance!
  • Cross-band repeater w/Analog uplink/Digital downlink or vice versa
  • Multiple wideband receive frequency ranges; 76~108MHz, 136MHz~174MHz (FMN mode) and 400~480MHz (FMN mode)
  • Outstanding receive sensitivity
  • FM Broadcast receive with 100 memory channels & VFO
  • Automatic date & time calibration by GPS
  • Manually programmable Side and Hot keys
  • Four RF power output levels;
    55/25/10/1W on the 2m band and
    40/25/10/1W on the 70cm band
  • Programmable auto repeater shift in VFO mode
  • Included illuminated EMS-88 DTMF handmic
  • Signalling; CTCSS/DCS/DTMF/2-tone/5-tone encode and decode!
  • CTCSS tone and DCS scan
  • Recording time; 4 hours!
  • Channel spacings; Analogue: 12.5/25kHz, Digital: 12.5kHz
  • Audio output; 2W
  • Audio distortion; <5%
  • Requires 13.8Vdc @ approx. 12A max.
  • Dimensions; 141w x 40h x 188d mm
  • Weight; 1.04kg.
  • Information above is subject to confirmation!
  • Options are at extra cost
  • Options will be listed soon…
  • Some options may not initially be available

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