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New D-STAR Central BY PA7LIM

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Welcome on the new experimental reflector!
This reflector supports:

  • DPLUS,DEXTRA and DCS support
  • Complete new code ( This is not XLX )
  • GPS support
  • XLX interlink support

Have fun!
David PA7LIM

New server D-STAR BY PA7LIM .. The Server is in development works as XLX-XRF-REF-DCS in the 4 PURE protocols of D-STAR

To connect is very simple:

  • BLUEDV Update Hostfiles From UPDATE and connect to XLXSPN REF710 REF811
  • PI-STAR Update Image And Select XLXSPN REF710 REF811
  • ADER IMAGE 1: EDIT IRCDDBGateway 2: Update rooms D-STAR 3: Connect TO XLXSPN REF710 REF811
  • DV4MINI Simply Select D-STAR and search for XLXSPN REF710 REF811

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