FT-991A Firmware including the New Update MAIN Ver. 02-07 (06/18/24)  ( 2.65 MB )

      FT-991A Update Firmware Information 06/18/24  ( 255.22 KB )

Please read the FT-991A Firmware Upgrade Manual before proceeding!
Implements improvements:
Updates: MAIN V02-07 for web release (2024/06) New

  • Fixed the bug in MAIN V02-06.
    Updates: MAIN V02-06 for web release (2024/06)
  1. Fixed the issue where the displayed frequency would change when QMB was operated during
  2. Changed the behavior of the A/B key during PMS to swap VFO A/B.
  3. Fixed the issue where the MIC EQ did not work when transmitting with VOX.
  4. Other functional improvements and optimizations have been made.
    *After updating the firmware; please reset the transceiver using the following procedure:
  5. Press and hold the [POWER] key on the front panel to turn the transceiver ON.
  6. While the transceiver is ON, disconnect the DC power cable from the DC-IN connector on the
    rear panel and turn the transceiver OFF.
  7. Press and hold the [FAST] and [LOCK] keys on the front panel, connect the power cable into the
    DC-IN connector on the rear panel and turn the transceiver ON.

FT-991A Firmware Update and Version
The latest versions are listed below with the release dates.
– MAIN Firmware Ver. 02-07 (06/18/24) New
– TFT Firmware Version 02-00 (10/17/17)
– DSP Firmware Version 01-12 (06/24/20)
– C4FM DSP Firmware Version 04-15 (12/02/16)
– FT-991A_Firmware_Ver_Up_Manual_ENG_2405-C.pdf (06/3/24)
*If you already have the above listed firmware versions, it is not necessary to update the FT-991A
*The firmware version for Japan is different from the version on our website. The latest firmware of
the Japanese version, please check the Japan WEB site:
There are four different firmware installations. Each installation must be followed carefully. Installing
the wrong type of firmware may cause difficulties. Check your radio before installing firmware to be
sure which updates are needed. Please read the FT-991A Firmware Update Manual before
proceeding. If multiple firmware installations are required the MAIN firmware should be installed
first, as it is the only one that requires a press and hold of the [F(M-LIST)] key while turning the radio
back ON. This resets the radio and locks in the new firmware

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