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      FT-991A Firmware including the New Update MAIN Ver. 02-06 (06/3/24)  ( 2.65 MB )

Please read the FT-991A Firmware Upgrade Manual before proceeding!
Implements improvements:
Updates: MAIN V02-06 for web release (2024/06)

  1. Fixed the issue where the displayed frequency would change when QMB was operated during
  2. Changed the behavior of the A/B key during PMS to swap VFO A/B.
  3. Fixed the issue where the MIC EQ did not work when transmitting with VOX.
  4. Other functional improvements and optimizations have been made.
    *After updating the firmware; please reset the transceiver using the following procedure:
  5. Press and hold the [POWER] key on the front panel to turn the transceiver ON.
  6. While the transceiver is ON, disconnect the DC power cable from the DC-IN connector on the
    rear panel and turn the transceiver OFF.
  7. Press and hold the [FAST] and [LOCK] keys on the front panel, connect the power cable into the
    DC-IN connector on the rear panel and turn the transceiver ON.

FT-991A Firmware Update and Version
The latest versions are listed below with the release dates.
 MAIN Firmware Ver. 02-06 (06/3/24)
 TFT Firmware Version 02-00 (10/17/17)
 DSP Firmware Version 01-12 (06/24/20)
 C4FM DSP Firmware Version 04-15 (12/02/16)
 FT-991A_Firmware_Ver_Up_Manual_ENG_2405-C.pdf (06/3/24)
*If you already have the above listed firmware versions, it is not necessary to update the FT-991A

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