FT-710 Firmware Update Information
Download the FT-710 [FT-710_Firmware_update_202211.zip] from the following website:

[FT-710_Firmware_update_202211]zip Contains:
• MAIN: V01-06 /FT-710_MAIN_V0106.SFL 11/14/22 (New)
• DISPLAY: V01-05 /FT-710_DISPLAY_V0105.SFL 11/14/22 (New)
• DSP: V01-00 /FT-710_IFDSP_V0100.SFL
• SDR: V01-03 /FT-710_SDR_V0103.SFL
• Firmware_Ver_Up_Manual_ENG_FT-710_2211A 11/14/22
Implements improvements:
1. Fixed a bug that “Key up” noise appeared when operating in CW mode on 28MHz band.
2. Fixed the problem that COM Port Baud-rate becomes 4800bps when power is turned ON with
3. Fixed a bug that sometimes-prevented transmission when a linear amplifier (VL-1000) is
4. Fixed a problem that continuous operation or hang-up may occur
when playing/rewinding/forwarding recorded data while receiving a signal.
5. Optimized variable volume and minimum headphone volume when turning VOL knob.
6. Fixed a bug that caused a delay when an external CW KEYER is connected.
7. Fixed the problem that CW transmission may not be possible with the straight key.
8. Fixed a bug that CW does not work properly when “BUG KEY” is selected in
9. Fixed a bug that PC KEYING did not work partially in CW mode and CW AUTO mode.
10. Fixed a bug where changing the Baud-rate of COM Port is not reflected correctly.
11. Other improvements and optimizations have been made

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