New YCS Smaster «DVMatrix» System

New YCS Smaster «DVMatrix» System this system already works with the well-known dmr master of the DMRPlus @ TM system creating THE FIRST C4FM network fully interconnected between countries as we already know in the IPSC2 system… when you speak by DG-ID for example from Spain 24 as it happens when we are in dmr we will go out for all the YCS of the world !!!

Since 2018 the dmrplus team has the «First» world network of C4FM YCS SYSTEM With Various systems

In principle the countries Austria, Spain, Italy .. The first tests and experiences began with this innovative system that has multiprotocol in C4FM, Interlink with other dmrplus equipment systems such as IPSC2 System @TM throughout this time new functions were added and characteristics to the YCS network Many other surprises to come😉

The latest versions of the YCS dashboard show much more information:

  • Radio or system you are using (YAESU FT-3D, IPSC2 INTERLink and other data ..)
  • New tab with the list of rooms ROOM LIST
  • New tab with the matrix system «DVMatix»

The YCS System has available all telemetry functions that can be exchanged between mmdvm systems, DR-2X repeaters and other systems … as well as many other functions ..


Poland Joins New YCS System With New YCS260 Server

The YCS servers Available worldwide at this time are the following:

All YCS development thanks to:

  • Ing. Kurt Baumann, OE1KBC
  • Torsten Schultze, DG1HT
  • Hans, DL5DI