DVSwitch Para Windows

DVSwitch Para Windows Lanzado Hoy Manual De Instalacion :

Download and unzip https://github.com/DVSwitch/USRP_Client/archive/master.zip

  • Windows 10 Use Python 3.7 from the Microsoft Store

Open a command prompt

python -m pip install –upgrade pip

Download PyAudio from https://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/ for your version (32 or 64 bit)

pip install PyAudio-0.2.11-cp37-cp37m-win_XXX.whl

pip install bs4

pip install Pillow

pip install requests

Edit pyUC.ini

The instructions on github tell you to edit pyUC.ini Let’s take a look at the minimum you MUST change. I have bolded those entries.

This section defines general information on how to configure the UI of pyUC. You must

set your call, DMR ID and ip address/ports of the server at the very minimum.

myCall = N0CALL ; You callsign
subscriberID = 3112000 ; Your DMR/CCS7 ID
repeaterID = 311200 ; Your repeater ID
ipAddress = ; IP address or hostname of DVSwitch Server (AB)
usrpTxPort = 12345 ; Port on which AB is listening
usrpRxPort = 12345 ; Local port to listen for packets from AB
defaultServer = DMR ; Start up UI on this mode (AB will override)
slot = 2 ; Slot to transmit on for DMR
in_index = Default ; pyaudio index for input device (0-N or -1 to disable)
out_index = Default ; pyaudio index for output device (0-N or Default)
loopback = 1 ; NOT USED
dongleMode = 1 ; NOT USED
micVol = 50 ; NOT USED
spVol = 50 ; NOT USED
voxEnable = 0 ; Enable = 1, disable = 0
voxThreshold = 200 ; This seems to be a good value for me
voxDelay = 50 ; 50 samples (which is 1 second)
aslMode = 0 ; For VERY limited use with chan_usrp (ASL experimental).

THX Por La Informacion A Miguel EA8AJC

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